To establish the list hereafter, we have based ourselves on the list “Brussels Booking Desk” at our disposal thanks to

The majority of hotels have been visited by the end of 2015, begin 2016 and the accessibility of common spaces and rooms has been checked. We have discovered some novelties and interesting links between hotels and restaurants which allow you to access adapted toilets.

Please note it is not always obvious to find adapted toilets due to a lack of appropriate signalisation. So you will have to ask at the reception desk or in the restaurant of the hotel (for example: Novotel Brussels Centre Tour).

We also would like to draw your attention on the fact that the tourist information desk for Belgium (Marché aux Grains 62) has been made accessible through a floor-level access and automatic doors. What is more, Toerisme VIaanderen has opened (Marché aux Grains 61 – 02 504 03 00) the “Infopunt Toegankelijk Reizen” which is an information desk for tourists with reduced mobility providing information on the accessibility of tourist infrastructure in Belgium and abroad. To guide you in your choice, we have added comments to the usual logos about the characteristics of the places.

Our description mentions the width of the smallest door to pass when this is under 83 cm. In general, we may add that we found no beds at a correct height. You need to ask the reception to raise the bed. Most of the bathrooms are fitted with bathtubs, but we also mentioned when this bathtub was replaced by a shower.

On the other hand, very few hotels propose an adapted environment for the hard of hearing (fax in the rooms, bells and visual alarms) and visually impaired persons. Almost all hotels accept the presence of guide dogs, and some will therefore request a fee varying from 10 to 15 €, while others welcome them for free.

And finally, a few words on the price of rooms. Brussels’ hotel offer is quite luxurious and expensive. However, the tarrifs vary significantly according to the season. Generaly, they are less expensive in week-ends. Ask for precisions when booking.