The accessibilituy of bank agencies is very variable. As for the opening hours, they vary from one agency to another. In general, banks open at about 9 a.m. and close at about 4h30 p.m. Some agencies also open on Saturday mornings. Automatic cash dispensers are present everywhere in the centre. They are placed either outside the bank agencies or inside a lock. Cash dispensers installed in a lock are only accessible for customers of the bank in question.

Cash dispensers are often placed in height (buttons at 140cm from the floor, Screen even higher) and not easily accessible to a person in a wheelchair. About specific systems for blind persons, banks are increasingly ensuring that functional limitations are no longer barriers to the use of their services.

The foreign exchange offices are mainly to be found at the airport, in railway stations and in the ciuty centre, nearby the Grand-Place.

Some exchange offices accessible with assistance:
- Western Union, Rue de la Colline: 1 step of 2 cm.
- Gofin, Rue Marché aux Herbes: 1 step.
- Change Centre, Rue Marché aux Herbes: at floor-level.
- Change, Rue Marché aux Herbes: at floor-level.

Finally, your credit card is accepted in the most shops and stores, restaurants, hotels and railway stations. In case of loss of theft of your card, you can contact (24h/24) the following numbers:
- American Express:02/676.21.21
- Eurocard and Visa:070/344.344