Depending on your handicap, you will be able to use normal taxis or not. If you are in a wheelchair, think of warning the driver so he can help you getting in the car, and be sure the car’s trunk is big enough to contain your wheelchair.
If not, call one of the companies listed below which propose an adapted service. Unless otherwise provided, these taxis also drive at night, in weekends and holidays. To reserve a cab from one of these companies, we recommend you to call them 24 or 48 hours in advance.

However, between 2002 and 2009, the company called “Taxis Verts” has put into circulation 99 PRM-vehicles adapted for the wheelchair. The theoretical waiting time is 1/4 hour after your call, but to be sure, make it 1 hour in advance.

– Tel.: 0032 2 349 49 49
Taxis Verts has vehicles specially equipped with ramps and elevators for persons with reduced mobility (PRM). This service is available 24/7 in and around Brussels. The price is identical to that of a conventional taxi. The waiting time usually varies between 15 to 30 minutes during off-peak hours. During rush hours, please add 30 minutes to the usual waiting time. It’s also possible to pre-book a taxi for later.

– Dial +32 (0)2 349 49 49 to order your PRM taxi, or request a PRM ride with your mobile phone via by selecting « PRM » from the vehicle options (in service level eCab+). Download the app for free via:


– Tel. : 02/527.16.72
– Circulate in Brussels and other big cities in Belgium, reservation can be made on the same day; fixed price; special forfeit airport from/to Brussels.

– Tel. 02/270.94.36
– From 9.00 AM till 1 PM
– Covers the Northern part of Brussels; reserve one or two weeks in advance; tariff per km starting from Grimbergen.

– Tel. : 0032 2 752.98.00 (6 AM till 7 PM)
– Fax : 0032 2 752.98.01
– Email :
Web site:
– Circulates all over Belgium; reserve 24 h in advance; transport avoiding rush hour : immediate reservation possible; fixed price; special tariff airport from/to Brussels; accompanied transport from room to room (branch offices in Ghent, Antwerp, Charleroi and Limburg)

– tel : 0032 2 544.12.44 (9 AM till noon)
– Circulates in the Brussels Capital Region, 7 days a week; reserve 2 days in advance;
– Low tariffs per km

– tel : 0032 2 720.02.02 (9 hours to 19 hours)
– Circulates in Brussels and surroundings; reservation possible the same day; tariff per km starting from Zaventem.

ContrePied asbl
– tel 0032 2 763.19.04 – 0032 474 54 65 36
– Based in Brussels, covers the entire country (preferably from and to Brussels), weekends and evenings too.
– Takes PRM to the doctor, shopping… and does administrative formalities when required. They have cars and minibusses. Low tariffs

Transport & Vie asbl
– 0032 2 612 72 93
– email:
– Essentially for PRM, elder people

Association Espoir asbl
– 0032 2 428.24.01
– website :

M.B.T. Société de Taxis
– web :
– taxis for everyone

Taxis-Services Mixtes
– 0487 982 982
– email:
– web :
– Covers Brussels and the entire country
– 7/7 – 24/24 365/365
– Personalised service – aeroports, Eurostar, Railwaystations, Hotels…
– Cars for 4 persons and PRM

Share or use a wheelchair friendly car thanks to the AVIRA project.
Adjusting a car for people with a mobility constraint is complicated and expensive. For a lot of people, these are reasons not to do it. Those who do modify their vehicle have to invest a considerable amount of money. This is why Autopia launched “AVIRA”: car sharing for everyone with a wheelchair friendly vehicle. This project aims to make adjusted cars more accessible for those who need it. People who don’t own an adjusted car can still use one, and owners of a modified car can recover part of their investment by sharing it with people in their neighborhood.

The AVIRA project supports organizations or individuals to get started with a car sharing and monitors them as they develop further. De adjusted vehicles can be shared with people from the organization, but just as well with individuals in the neighborhood.

email :
Tel. 09 242 32 75
Web :