• The emergency call number for the Belgian police is 101 and is free.
  • The European number is 112.

We have listed hereunder some of the police stations accessible for persons in a wheelchair :

  • Police station – Central Division, Rue Marché au Charbon (nearby the Grand-Place) – access through the reception: at floor-level thanks to a ramp.
  • Police station – lxelles, place Fernand Cocq (next to the Maison communale) – access at the reception : two steps ; entrance door 2x79cm.
  • Police station – Brussels, Boulevard Clovis access through the reception. One step.
  • Police station – Etterbeek, Chaussée Saint-Pierre – access at the reception : one small step, you must ring the bell to enter and the bell is located too high for a person in a wheelchair.