Thanks to Access-i, the level of accessibility of a building, a site or an event can be evaluated based on the different necessities of the persons with specific needs.
Access-i delivers more than the white and blue sign of the wheelchair. Access-i translates the efforts of the infrastructure managers regarding accessibility and informs the persons with specific needs about how they will be welcomed improving their visit.

logo Access-iHow read an Access-i ?
An Access-i contains 7 boxes representing each of the categories of persons with specific needs :
1 – wheelchair user ;
2 – persons with walking difficulties ;
3 – the blind ;
4 – the visually impaired ;
5 – the deaf ;
6 – the hearing impaired ;
7 – the persons with understanding difficulties.

The level of accessibility of a public space is determined for each of these categories.
The boxes have colours :
– green, the place is accessible in autonomy ;
– orange, the place is accessible with help ;
– white, there is information available.
Every one can get more precise information about certified buildings and events when consulting the website of Access-i. Every information file gives information about the different analysed functions for each category of persons with specific needs.

See the website of Access-i