The Guide

Brussels for all becomes Handy.Brussels to make Brussels even more handy and accessible to all.

Users of Brussels For All will find back the structure they know in Handy.Brussels:

  • THE GUIDE: is the heart of the site,
  • TRANSPORT: useful pages to arrive in Brussels and to circulate there,
  • PRACTICAL: valuable information about, tourism, associations, health, post office, …
  • AMT Concept: Editorial (s), presentation of pictograms, Acces-i, presentation of AMT, …
  • NEWS: The news on the homepage, the most recent ones first.

From now on the site is adapted as well to mobiles as to tablets and ‘classic’ screens.
Here are some new features from the webApp Handy.Brussels for mobile users.

  • Responsive display and features adapted to mobile interfaces.
  • Geolocation of addresses on the map. They can be displayed selectively through the interaction of three filters;
    Category – Type of disability – Postal code.
  • Route, via a link that refers to the function of Gmaps.
  • Interactivity with users trough the possibility of:
    -> give a rating when you have tested a guide address. In five points, per half (so ten). The assigned average is displayed on the top of this address.
    -> send comment to Handy.Brussels.
  • Possibility of icon on the screen of your mobile as a bookmark to launch the webApp.

For users on ‘classic’ screen

  • Display suitable (also) for PCs and tablets for widescreen use at work or at home.
  • The search engine offers more possibilities, because of the new structure of the database.
    Whether through the magnifying glass ‘Search’, the MAP page, or via the GUIDE, a search can be done for an address with one, two or three criteria;
    Place category – Type of disability – Postal code.
  • A single database feeds the site and the webApp. This implies a single intervention for the update for all media.
    Essential, if we want to keep the flexibility of a small organization such as AMT Concept.

Brussels for all 2017-2018 english version for print (lowdef)