Martin’s Brussels EU ****

Boulevard Charlemagne 80 — 1000 - Brussels City | 02 230 85 55 | 02 230 56 35 | |
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This eco-dynamic hotel integrates the environment in his daily management. Near to the European commissions, in the epicentre of Art Nouveau and next to the highway E 40 and the Brussels National Airport Brussels National. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a bar/lounge for the clients. Contemporary interior.

WiFi and Fix (internet) available. When you make your reservation is it important to mention your needs. The staff is at your disposal to help, to make the necessary changes and to answer any question you may have. The reception is excellent. The staff does not know the sign language. |

Parking PRM

Remarks Parking

Free private parkingspaces for PRM on demand.


  • Step(s) : Yes high
  • Hight of step (cm) : 15cm
  • Type of door : Glass door without marking
  • Opening type : Easy, Automatic
  • Signage : Visible



  • Elevator / Door : Yes
  • Largeur (cm) : 80cm
Remarks Circulation

All common parts and the interior spaces are very large.
Elevators : doors and interior spaces are more or less accessible; 0,80 of free passage and 1,00 m / 1,10 m inside the elevator. No dot writing and no numbers in Braille, no vocal announcements.

Use / visit

  • Furniture : Table with foot on the edge
  • Height under table (cm) : 70/73cm
  • Desk/counter : Not accessible
  • Conference room(s) : Accessible
  • WC for prm : Flat floor, Non accessible
Remarks Use

Toilet common parts : accessible at floor-level from the hall of the hotel with help. Accesshall (120 m). Height of the pan 0,40 m, with grab bars on only one side of the pan, entrance door : 0,78 m.
Rooms PRM : visited room : nr. 521. Door passage is 0,84 m, master bed or twin beds 0,62 m. Desk : 0,73 m and 0,63 m space underneath. TV and telephone, Internet wifi. Bathroom (bathtub) : spacious with grab bar. No skid free floor. Toilet in the room : height of the pan is 0,50 m with grab bars on only one side of the pan, door is 0,88 m.

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