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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Visibility for “PRM Friendly” businesses

A team of Atrium employees was put together to analyse the accessibility of a business based on precise and exhaustive criteria: width of the door, possible existence of steps, internal/external space, etc. The data collected was then shared on a dedicated website, in a guide, as well as on the platform, using accessibility symbols. Clear and legible, this SECUE-RRU evaluation should allow the PRM to see those businesses that are adapted to their handicap in just a few clicks.

« Collaborating with Atrium.Brussels is ieal », rejoices Miguel Gerez, director of AMT Concept. « The field agents know the area, they have direct contact with the business owners, and this makes it a lot easier to raise their awareness. Combining the expertise that both AMT Concept and Atrium.Brussels have in the subject can only result in a winning solution being found for everyone! We are currently working on harmonising our two sites in order to make communicating with the PRM as direct as possible. »

Extending the study to the whole Region

As a result of Atrium’s pilot study in the European District, it has emerged that fewer than half of the businesses are presently accessible by PRM. With time, the Agency therefore intends to extend its study to the entire Region so that it can get a clear idea of the context within Brussels as a whole.

The aim of this is to make business owners aware of the difficulties encountered by Persons with Reduced Mobility as well as train Atrium’s Starters coaches in this reality so that they can work upstream to educate any future business owners.


“Tourism for everyone ” this is what ‘AMT CONCEPT’ is aiming for with the guide ” Handy.Brussels / Brussels for All “.  This site offers a diagnosis of accessiblity for the persons with reduced mobility. In 2017 changes in a ‘Web App’ adapted to all devices. New structure, better content and grafic interface, new 

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The guide

Brussels for all becomes Handy.Brussels to make Brussels even more handy and accessible to all. Users of Brussels For All will find back the structure they know in Handy.Brussels: THE GUIDE: is the heart of the site, TRANSPORT: useful pages to arrive in Brussels and to circulate there, PRACTICAL: valuable information about, tourism, associations, health, 

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Following pictos are used in this guide : Accessible Type I : the buildings are fully accessible; the ideal situation for an active life of autonomy. Parking accessible Accessible Accessible for mobility impaired pedestrians Facilities for the blind and visually impaired Facilities for the deaf and hearing impaired Accessible for a person with a mental 

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