Film ‘Visit Accessible Brussels’

Tuesday 19 September 2023

On her arrival in Brussels, she is met by her friend Léo (Cédric Fouda) at the Gare Centrale for a stroll around town before heading off to the book signing she has come to Brussels for.

They make their way through the Galeries de la Reine, the streets of Brussels, the restaurant, the park and the Old Masters, before finally arriving at the comic strip gallery where Claire is awaited by her readers, impatient to get their copy of ‘Rollin Brussels’ signed, under the eye of a facetious character (Morgane Piraux).

The video will soon be available on various networks, including general networks such as, as well as dedicated (PMR) sites such as and its partners, and will also be shown at events and conferences.

The aim of this video is to encourage people to visit Brussels, despite the difficulty of getting around for PRMs. Our film is an invitation to all. It showcases the accessible, user-friendly potential of Brussels through the story of Claire (PRM), who visits Brussels with her friend Léo.

The film can already be seen on LinkedIn.

Claire Trotter's new comic book

Claire Trotter’s new comic book


“Tourism for everyone ” this is what ‘AMT CONCEPT’ is aiming for with the guide ” Handy.Brussels / Brussels for All “.  This site offers a diagnosis of accessiblity for the persons with reduced mobility. In 2017 changes in a ‘Web App’ adapted to all devices. New structure, better content and grafic interface, new 

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The guide

Brussels for all becomes Handy.Brussels to make Brussels even more handy and accessible to all. Users of Brussels For All will find back the structure they know in Handy.Brussels: THE GUIDE: is the heart of the site, TRANSPORT: useful pages to arrive in Brussels and to circulate there, PRACTICAL: valuable information about, tourism, associations, health, 

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Following pictos are used in this guide : Accessible Type I : the buildings are fully accessible; the ideal situation for an active life of autonomy. Parking accessible Accessible Accessible for mobility impaired pedestrians Facilities for the blind and visually impaired Facilities for the deaf and hearing impaired Accessible for a person with a mental 

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