The STIB’s new accessible public transport

Tuesday 26 January 2021

On December 3rd in honor of the International Day of Disabled persons, the STIB summarizes their new implementation on its network.

First of all, the most important improvement achieved is the implementation of a signage system that will provide information on the degree of accessibility each stops will have.

In addition, there is an increase in the “Accessibus” lines which will make 75% of their public transport Line « disability inclusive ». This is thanks to the addition of several accessible bus lines on the network. The objective set by STIB is to have 100% of the lines « disability inclusive » by the end of 2021.

Metro stations

For the 2021 agenda, the “Porte de Hal”, “Madou” and “Anneessens” stops will be renovated and become accessible stations. “Brussels-Mobility” has put the accent on this and will oversee the construction process.

Portable ramps?

December 3 marks the start of a new “portable ramp” pilot project which will be aimed to help people with reduced mobility (wheelchair, walker, strollers, etc.) on tram lines. Currently line 7 (Heysel-Vanderkindere) is in a testing period.

This project aims to improve accessibility on the network. The use of the ramp will be done / provided by, either an attendant or another traveler that will help the person with reduced mobility.

In addition, the testing of a “rubber fusible edge” to bridge the gap between the tram and the platform is underway. The presence of this will facilitate getting on and off the trains and will prevent the user from getting stuck between the platform and the car.

Accessible website

Accessibility also requires an easy access to information. For example, the STIB website offers an updated trilingual guide for people with a disability.

In addition, the site has simplified its navigation process for the visually impaired and puts the accessibility pole as a priority in the development of the new website which is to be expected sometime in the next year.

All of these projects, which will see the light of day in 2021, represent a step further towards accessibility for all and will allow all profiles to be able to access and move around more.


“Tourism for everyone ” this is what ‘AMT CONCEPT’ is aiming for with the guide ” Handy.Brussels / Brussels for All “.  This site offers a diagnosis of accessiblity for the persons with reduced mobility. In 2017 changes in a ‘Web App’ adapted to all devices. New structure, better content and grafic interface, new 

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The guide

Brussels for all becomes Handy.Brussels to make Brussels even more handy and accessible to all. Users of Brussels For All will find back the structure they know in Handy.Brussels: THE GUIDE: is the heart of the site, TRANSPORT: useful pages to arrive in Brussels and to circulate there, PRACTICAL: valuable information about, tourism, associations, health, 

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Following pictos are used in this guide : Accessible Type I : the buildings are fully accessible; the ideal situation for an active life of autonomy. Parking accessible Accessible Accessible for mobility impaired pedestrians Facilities for the blind and visually impaired Facilities for the deaf and hearing impaired Accessible for a person with a mental 

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