Conscience Pharmacy

Thursday 10 February 2022

“Work on accessibility has made it possible to strengthen the vocation of our pharmacy to help and welcome customers by strengthening the human side”

During the redevelopment work, about a year ago, the Conscience pharmacy in Evere sought to make its space accessible to all people with reduced mobility (PRM).

Several provisions now offer simplicity and great comfort of access to the pharmacy for a person with reduced mobility:
– a large single-storey door with sliding glass;
– good space for movement and rotation inside, without obstacles;
– simple, low-height displays that make products accessible
– finally and above all, the availability of pharmacists and their willingness to welcome everyone.

The pharmacist explains that the financing of the renovations having been carried out with own funds, the emphasis on accessibility for people with reduced mobility was a direct desire from the start of the work.

She had to insist with the architects that the door be on the same level (criterion n°1 to accommodate people in wheelchairs), because this presented problems of water drainage.

Pharmacists now point out that the improvements have facilitated access for different types of disabilities, whether they are used to the business or not, local residents or not.

It is a strong desire for the pharmacy to strengthen the human side and the local welcome.

Since the opening of the pharmacy, we have seen parents with strollers and the elderly. But there is a very important point that was important to us, we saw people in wheelchairs for the first time in our recently renovated pharmacy.

Location : Conscience Pharmacy (149 Avenue Henri Conscience, 1140 Evere)


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