Ristorante Pizzeria Salvarino

Place Général Meiser 10 — 1030 - Schaerbeek | 02 734 58 06 | 02 735 40 07 | http://www.piscopo.be/index.php?page=salvarino
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Located on one of the biggest squares of our Capital, this restaurant with a good reputation has been runned since 1979 by the Piscopo family, from the south of Italy. This tasteful restaurant offers regional Italian food prepared with natural ingredients. The specialties are the delicious pizza’s but also the spaghetti “Golfo di Salerno” (mix of sea fruit).

The personnel is very warm and helpful. It is strongly adviced to inform the staff of your venue. |

Parking PRM

Nearby ?

There are little parkings on the place Meiser at 100 meters.

Remarks Parking

There is a space for PRM at about 50 meter, in the direction of the avenue Plasky.


  • Step(s) : Yes low
  • Hight of step (cm) : 7cm
Remarks Entrance

Two doors, one door to the sidewalk is permanently open and the passage is 96 cm. The second door (push) measures 83 cm.


Remarks Circulation

The restaurant consists in three levels, the difference is 16 cm. Normally , the PRM get the tables in the corner, on the right and left of the main entrance for practical reasons.

Use / visit

  • Furniture : Table with centered foot
  • Height under table (cm) : 72cm
  • WC for prm : Underground
Remarks Use

The toilet, in the basement is not accessible (steep turning staircase ). Tables : width of passage is 0,90 m.

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