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12 museums in Brussels audited by Access-i

Thursday 27 October 2022

You don’t know which Brussels museum is accessible and suitable? Here are a few who just got certified.
Our association entrusted the mission to our partner Access I in order to evaluate the accessibility of museums.

Several steps to this project:
The realization of the inventory of fixtures of the accessibility of these museums then a council of the managers to improve the accessibility of these infrastructures.
A total of 11 museums are now certified. The last museum (the Foundry) received a more detailed set of recommendations in order to make the necessary adjustments to maximize its accessibility.

Here are the 11 museums that meet the accessibility criteria and can be found on the Access I site.

  1. BELvue
  2. AutoWorld
  3. Design Museum
  4. Centre belge de la bande dessinée
  5. Musée Royale de l’Armée et de l’Histoire militaire
  6. Musée Art & Histoire
  7. Train World 
  8. Musée du Moulin et de l’alimentation 
  9. MIM 
  10. Mini-Europe 
  11. Choco-Story 

“Tourism for everyone ” this is what ‘AMT CONCEPT’ is aiming for with the guide ” Handy.Brussels / Brussels for All “.  This site offers a diagnosis of accessiblity for the persons with reduced mobility. In 2017 brusselsforall.be changes in a ‘Web App’ adapted to all devices. New structure, better content and grafic interface, new 

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The guide

Brussels for all becomes Handy.Brussels to make Brussels even more handy and accessible to all. Users of Brussels For All will find back the structure they know in Handy.Brussels: THE GUIDE: is the heart of the site, TRANSPORT: useful pages to arrive in Brussels and to circulate there, PRACTICAL: valuable information about, tourism, associations, health, 

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Following pictos are used in this guide : Accessible Type I : the buildings are fully accessible; the ideal situation for an active life of autonomy. Parking accessible Accessible Accessible for mobility impaired pedestrians Facilities for the blind and visually impaired Facilities for the deaf and hearing impaired Accessible for a person with a mental 

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